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Vacation Travel Club stole $5,000 from my husband & I over a year ago by making promises on our contract that they did not keep. Not only was I unable to get what we were promised but have yet to take ANY vacation thru them nor will they return phone calls to even TRY to get my money back!This company is a scam and please anyone dealing with them make a formal report with the BBC because as of today they still have an A score!!!!!!I did speak to ONE live person and he was absolutely useless and did nothing more than answer the phone

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Same thing happened to us in Branson. Then they want $177 each year to keep the membership.

We never were able to get a bargin. We sent the letter back and said they "screwed us once, but not again"


Let it be known that Vacation Travel Club does not sell memberships to the general public nor did we take any money from this client. We have Independent Distributors who sell to the consumers.

These Distributors receive the money for memberships when purchased, not VTC. So, if a client requests a refund for their purchase, we will direct them back to the store where they purchased and paid for the program.

We can not control if the store did not call them back. Please remember that the Distributor is a separate company.

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