Recently attended the low pressure and very informative presentation. The program has been used by my close friends for 13 months with great success.

I would have joined but I am able to travel and take advantage of our friends membership. Open and honest dialogue was welcomed at our Montana presentation. I checked the with the BBB and found an A+ rating after the presentation. I know they have recently upgraded their customer service and admin.

staff to cover the company growth.

You can contact me with any questions regarding the meeting I attended 2 weeks ago. Was very pleased with the manner my wife and I were treated.

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A year after fighting these thieves, reporting to my credit card company, and filing a complaint with the Attorney General of Florida, I receive a letter telling me my dues are past due. I cannot believe these people are still ripping people off. The AG of Texas closed them down, but Florida would do nothing.

The big guy is Arnulfo Vasques. Research shows he has been in and out of prison and has been found guilty of fraud several times. Our weak state governemnts however just let him move on. You can find his trail in New Mexico, Colorado, Florida, and Texas befor ehe was asked to elave. His henchmen are:

Rich Blau. His phone is 855-433-7444. Blau' Asst. is Elizabeth LuClare same phone. They sleeze under the name High Tide Travel often.

I spoke with Vasques and was assured he would look into my case and get my money back RIGHT!


we purchased a membership in branson several months ago and have been back to branson twice with hotweeks, there cheep!! the reservation dept.

has been very helpful on booking our cruise in jan.

and we would recommend you buy a membership. it works great!!


i recently purchased a membership in utica il, the manager there was a pleasure to deal with very honest and helpful and we have already booked our next vaction to the gran bear resort and williamsburg va.


Just go online and find your own......they do.


Name: G. and A McMoran

VTCID: VTC-000-03-70--


We recently went to Branson on one of your Hot Deals and ended up in one of the most delightful condos we have ever stayed in, Stormy Point Village. It was a great deal. We have a lot of fun looking through the Hot Deals.Im not sure you have the option of looking for Hot Deals by the month, but that is an option I would like.


I believe in the VTC Membersip. Everytime I have called their office, they have always treated me professionally and with good pricing.

The company has grown since we have been members and I look forward to being a member for many more years/

M. Ferguson


I am with an awesome travel club with so many wonderful people. The company is only 5 years old and is debt free and growing at an unbelievable rate. Email me for info vetlawson@yahoo.com - We have awesome wholesale prices on vacations!


I likewise have been unable to get any service out of VTC. For 3 weeks I have been trying to get a response and all I got was a 2 line email with a lump sum price that was 33% more than I could book myself on line.

total rip off


I called to get a quote on Jamaica and was told that I needed to pay a finders fee of sorts to get one. I think that is absurd being that we already are paying $3,000 for the program and the rooms are tremendously sub-standard. Definitely not what they tell you you're getting!


Vacation Travel Club or ( Scot Ender and his wife elizibitch) laid off over 30 people in Benton Harbor Mi and downsized the company by moving it to key largo Florida. They hired all agents with NO TRAVEL EXPERIENCE.

They pay off the BBB so they can have a good rating. If i were a new member, I'd try to get your money back ASAP!

I'd NEVER buy into this SCAM!! If You have any problems talk to Scot Ender he is the ONLY one that can give back your money, or his wife Elizabeth, she actually wears the pants.EVERYTHING VTC can do for you, YOU can do yourself, trust me I've seen it all.


Have been an owner of VTC for 3 months with a very pleasing experience. The savings on all of my travels has been significant, resort stays have been more than I expected. Over all the company has been all I was told it would be.


I attended a presentation last month in Montana with the same experience. Very pleased with how I was treated..

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