These fast talkers made me believe they could send me on all type of trips at a good price,*** me jump at the chance.I spend 3,000 dollars and never one time they could give me what i wanted.Last year i got a bill for 177.00 for annual fee,i call the company and told them the sale rep had waved my fee because i paid in full up front.I was told he couldn't had told me that,and if i didn't pay the annual fee they would send my account to the credit bureau keep my good credit i sent them there money with a letter to cancel my travel package.Guess what, my credit card company call me the other day telling me i hadn't paid on my account, i said that account is paid out,that when i was told this company bill my credit card again and what made me even more mad i call the VACATION TRAVEL COMPANY and ask them why and they said they didn't get a cancellation letter but they got the money last year.You know the stranger part about this was the letter and the payment for that account was all together in the same envelop.I'm turning this over to my credit card company because this have to stop now.

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