Vacation Travel Club representative at sales pitch meeting promised resorts and condos in a particular location and is the ONLY reason we joined. We have been totally unsuccessful in being able to rent any of these touted condos and VTC condo representative finally admitted that they never have access to the ones I specifically requested (and were shown to us as part of VTC deal!).

One is even pictured in their "Resort Directory". A few other offered are of substantially less quality.

If this is what they are offering here what are they offering elsewhere??? It's a major scam and totally unethical!

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thank you we had an appointment scheduled! Just called and cancelled it...thanks again


The person that stated that VTC saves alot of money is lying. We have had this mess for over 1 year and have NOT been able to find anything that is not ***. Therefore, we have not used it. Hopefully you are reading this at one of their sales pitches. I wish I had brought my lap top and looked these lying son of a b%&#!! up. I am going to sue. Run and don't be fooled.

Additionlly, if you are into this *** and just want to go to the cabins of TN or Florida hotels (they have an over abundanceof this mess, anywhere else forgot it). Go to one of the Disney Hotels and they will offer you the same thing for half the price of this sh$$. But note, you will NOT travel anywhere but the cabins of TN and Florida. The sellers of this *** will have to answer for this! How can they sleep? Liars!

Oh, by the way...no matter what their hired low moral devil worshippers (ONLY those type of people would sell this *** knowingly to innocent people that just wanted to save on vacations) tell you, the lady that takes the calls told me they charge you for EVERY inquiry whether you book a trip and the website is so awful and does not display everything (and conviently has a tag stating to call to get the correct pricing). Run!!!!!


VTC is awesome!!!!

They have saved us lots of money over the years!!!

We stay in the most beautiful big condos, for very cheap!!!

Thank you VTC...for making our trips affordable!!!!

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