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October 07 my husband and I with another couple visited Branson. To get discounted show tickets we agreed to a vacation presentation with VTC, LLC.

Their program does not work the way they said it would. They are more expensive, not cheaper and rude and unhelpful. Contacted them. No compromise or willingness to make the customer happy.

Time frame did not allow a chance to review company and rescind contract, which I would have done after investigating VTC. Anyone else had this horrendous experience. contact me at

Don't let this happen to you...thanks.. Sharon

Monetary Loss: $4500.

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My husband and I were also scammed by this company we would be interested in filing a lawsuit if anyone else is. These scammers need to be stopped we lost over $6000.00


I worked for this company they are nothing but a bunch of lying cheating swindling people they won't pay their employees they claim to be a developer in the area which they are not and do not buy things from them..

to Payback a *** #936883

Are there any lawsuits against them?

I paid several thousand dollars years ago, and could not get a vacation booked through them....totally incompetent. I continued to pay the yearly fee for a few years, then stopped. I just received another bill, so got on this site to see what I could find.

Please write me at, if you have any ideas.

Thank you, Annie

Sebring, Florida, United States #764087

I am trying to cancel my membership for which I paid $5000 plus a quarterly fee of $59. I am willing to let the $5000 go but not to pay for it forever. Sorry I got mixed up with them.

Brazoria, Texas, United States #692485

You are RIGHT.....this is a horrible company....they lied about great vacations and fact is that if you can get someone to book a condo for you AFTER YOU PAY 25.00 non refundable dollars to do so.....they NEVER called us back or emailed us or nothing......The condos are junk....places that no one wants to go to anymore. Their coustomer service is HORRIBLE!!!!!!! They promised lots of houses for rent in Orlando......LIES....DON'T USE THEM.....THIS IS A SCAM.........


did you have to sucure and deposite of 89 bucks?


We could not get any one to make any arrangements for us on any trip. Just no service at all from them.

They would never call us back when we called. We feel we were taken big time. Don't get mixed up with this club. They just want your money and will give you no service.

This has ruin Branson for us, it used to be fun to go.

But losing so much money has made it no fun and no reason to travel there anymore. I tell everyone what happened to us.


I would be interested in joining up with a class action suit against VTC. Haven't tried their services yet because my wife is recovering from a difficult surgery.

We expect to be able to travel soon and want to use VTC services, if they are for real. Automatic billing for annual maintenance fee didn't work according to plan.

I've solved the problem from my end, but VTC has not responded to repeated calls to get them to complete the deal from their end. I'm rethinking paying the maintenance fee and accept a loss on the initial join up fee.


We were also scammed to the tune of 7 grand..


i am filing an lawsuit against them. please come on board.

my email is:

please title your email as 'Vacation Travel Club Scam' so your mail won't go to junk box. thanks.

Utsunomiya-Shi, Tochigi, Japan #216387

Yes, it is possible to get a lawsuit going against these and other travel clubs, visit for more info. I am helping members of Travel More Now in Branson sue the owner. email me at


Name: M. Van T

VTCID: vtc-000-04- ----

Feedback from VTC Website

Being a new member I was skeptical about all the services. Thanks to Jeff H, Trina and Veronica and one more associate I do not remember her name I have had a most enjoyable experience even though we could not find an all inclusive in San Juan. I did find a house boat. My husband has wanted to that for years and RCI was never able to fulfill our request. First time out- a hot deal and my husband is happy he spent the money--go figure.



Name: M. Pollog

VTCID: vtc-000-04-8---


I like the concept.. the map and everything is great... I think maybe you should put some major cities on there so we can get a better feel for where things are located geograpically.

Posted from VTC website

:( I've tried putting my
VTC in suspension and can't even get a response from them.
Very highly NOT recommend them for

We have been members of VTC since 2005.

Our first experience with their hotel service was not good. We complained, they did nothing!

We have never found the Condos for $99.00 a week! Told them we were coming to Branson and sit in on a meeting and tell our story to their prospective members. They responded very quickly, VTC in Branson and the Vice Pres. in Michigan.

Wanting to know when we planned to be there.

Free accomondations in a condo for a week! Plus 2010 maintentance fee would be free!

We finally got their attention!!


I agree, my wife and I was sold while in Branson Mo. , was told that RV campgrounds was included after a year I cant get anyone to tell me how, all the cruises can be bought cheaper through Royal Carribean than VTC. You cant even get access to the system for weeks so you cant tell if its good or not

Cooperstown, Pennsylvania, United States #20775

Do you think we could start a class action suit against this scam of a company? Perhaps we can flood the BBB with complaints and they will do it themselves.

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