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These clowns suck! Free airline tickets is a hoax.

After attending high pressure scam sales where they want you to part with 2k to 6k for a vacation club promising all kinds of savings in travel. Have to make the decision on the spot, they will not allow you to research. Once you finally escape their garbage - to receive a brochure on how you get your free flights. Not free at all, lots of escape clauses for them.

First you must send $4.95 in nothing but U.S. Postal Service Money Order within 30 days of your torture session. Then you are suppose to get another form, which are then (within 30 days of the second form) send $50.00 per ticket - again only be U.S.Postal Service Money Order to get a travel request. Then you can its only good on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

4 night minimum. Minimum 90 days booking limit must be used within 12 month. With there schedule - you've already lost 5 months!

Availability completely up to 'them' no guarantee you'll ever get to use the tickets. Surcharges for just about everything - save yourself its nothing but a waste of time.

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I also fell to this scam. Booked one trip to myrtle beach found out they used priceline to book my trip which was no great deal. Never used the travel could see that was a big farce.Have not used them since and now they want a renewal fee.Iwould like to have my money back

Los Angeles, California, United States #683211

Sorry that was not Blue sky travel it was Desert Sky Travel Club!

Los Angeles, California, United States #683204

He is right on! That is Blue Sky Travel On top of that they use high pressure sales!

Unrealistic travel rates they use in presentations.

They did come down from $8300 to about $2900 (Special????) just like time shares with yearly fees.


I am within the 3 day time period in my state to cancel the contract.

Thanks for your help.


A complete scam. Was not fooled into going to their so-called "no pressure" presentation. When I tried to call them back after speaking with them on the phone I couldn't reach them.


Sea to Ski Vacations is a good company with a great membership deal. The problem is they have independent distributors who sell the vacation club and sometimes they lie.

If you have a problem with Sea to Ski Vacations or their distributors you should call or email Sea to Ski and they will resolve your problem.


Sky Group Inc., based on my recent experience, this company is a scam. They promise excellent customer service and then provide none and are rude in the process.

I am still waiting for a call back.

They represent a west coast company Sea to Ski Vacations which is in the process of setting up east coast operations. BEWARE!!!!!!


Ref: Vacation Travel Club The Blue Lagoon, People must research anything when it comes down to giving your hard earned money for just about anything. The poor people that take the job to invite you to a sales pitch are just pawns.

I wonder how they live with then selves. Some one should fool them , how would they feel loosing blood money they earned. Its a scam sham so don't be damed stay away from free gifts free cruses free anything. It's ok to be cheep and want something for free, but make sure it's worth your time.

It's ok if they reward you with a real gift in hand don't wait to send away for something because of hidden fees. Sincerely


Listen, V.T.C. Blue Lagoon You goons are liars about saving people money.

If you so Reputable why not refund people their money. 250000 members is hog wash.

Stop your taking advantage of people. Some day you will also be fooled.


On March 22, 2012 6:00 pm. At the saw Grass Marrot Hotel in Ponte Vedra Beach about 21 miles from my home.

I was invited to attend a vacation presentation to help me save thousands of dollars for when i take my dream vacations. The package deal was for $8949.00 i become a life time member. What if they go OUT OF Business ? Besides $8949.

their was another fee $399.00 for processing and last was yearly membership 249.00 dollars.

All this money doesn't buy ***, I still have to pay for Hotel Airfair Food etc.. You got to be real *** NOT REALIZE THIS IS ALL DUMB.


Award Notification: On March 22, 2012 i was offerd a $1298.00 dollar set of air line tickets. For round trip to anyware in the United States.

All i had to do was attend a travel presentation Tha presentation was to only 90 minuts. The one time offer was for small fee: you get a life time travel discount. The fee 8,900 dollars pluss 399.00 application fee and a one fee every year 249.00 dollars, Who needs to pay a travel company all this money to make travel arrangements. People don't waste your gas or your time.

It would ba a trip to dumbsville and a pure waste of your time.This all takes place at Saw Grass Marrot in Ponte Vedra Beach. Sound real good don't go to suckersvill any time soon sincerely yours Gary .


They shoot through a dumb very unprofessional presentation about travel. For 8949.00 dollars you could be an exclusive lifetime member so to save thousands on nvacation.

Well youll save if you stay away from theys phony's. They lie about prices, you could vacation alot cheeper booking on your own. I will never forget that sucker raiseing his hand to be the first to save one thousand for being first member yesterday.

I don't need to give any company 9000.00 thousand to make my vacation choice. So that goes to show all of us: a sucker born every second.Sincerely Gary


People aren't idiots if they pay for a service and receive nothing in return. I can't get anyone to answer their phone nor has anyone returned my call after two weeks of messages.

I'd like to know what number you call that you are receiving services.

Companies that run scams never answer their phone or return calls and that's been my experience with VTC so far. Add me to your lawsuit,


Amen to Travel true about these idiots whining about something they DID NOT have to join!!!!

VTC is awesome...great savings...luxurious accomodations...keep up the great job, VTC!!!!

Go ahead and won't get anywhere. I will be right there defending them about how awesome they are!!!!

Instead of whining or trying to get something for nothing, go on a vacation!!! Call VTC first...if you want to save money!!!!

to Very satisfied... #665232

Well "Very Satisfied", I hope you and Travel Reader live happily ever after in you make belive world. I am sure you are the presenter and sales person I just had the honor of being insulted by because I asked for a brochure, business card, anything with the name of the actual company.

They had none of this.

Also, if they put you up in 5 star hotels, why was their meeting in a 2 star holiday inn????? Hmmmmmmmm.


I want to say to "Travel Reader" obviously you do not value your money, you don't care if you are ripped off. It has nothing to do with not having a good job.

I have a fantastic job with good benefits. But I do not like being lied to and being scammed out of several thousand dollars. Just for a promise of vacations at discounted prices that I never get. I don't want something for nothing.

I just want my money back since they did not follow through with their end of the deal.

I don't want anything more. I also do not want to pay yearly fees for nothing.


Don't you have better things to do than try to make lawyers rich and raise peoples insurance rates from these lawsuits? Why not get a job and pay for a real nice vacation instead of trying to get something for nothing. You probably eat half you dinner at restaurants and then send it back and want your money back and free desert.

to Travel Reader #665228

You probably are part of the dishonest oompanies that do nothing but scam people. SOMETHING FOR NOTHING????

Do your research before you shoot your big mouth off. The cost to join in 7,995.00


i am filing an lawsuit against them. please come on board.

my email is:

please title your email as 'Vacation Travel Club Scam' so your mail won't go to junk box. thanks.

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