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This relates to the following companies: Vacation Travel Club (Key Largo), Alamo Getaways (San Antonio), and PTS Travel (Tampa).

Before you sign up for a seminar with gifts, here is what you should know: The travel club costs $8,995 for a one time fee, plus a $395 one time membership fee, plus $199 per year. You can get a lesser program for $4,995.

They draw you in with a free travel promotion - airfare anywhere in the continental US and two nights hotel. On the phone they tell you there are no restrictions.

Here is the truth: (1) They do not have the certificates available after the presentation - you have to hound them to get the certificate, (2) the certificate has a full page of terms and conditions, most of which are restr1ctions and costs for the free travel, (3) You must pay $4.95 to register the certificate before anyone will talk to you, (4) Hotel check in must be on a Monday or Tuesday, (5) Travel cannot be within 7 days of a holiday, (6) You must provide 90 days notice to the travel company, (7) Travel is subject to the travel company's package availability, (8) The travel company can offer you an alternate date or destination, (9) There is a registration activation fee of $100.00, (10) You are responsible for all applicable fees and taxes - I'm sure these will also be substantial.

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It appears that you have been to at least three of these presentations, obviously buying nothing and complaining about the premiums you got for free!! As a former employee of one of these companies, who worked with people like you, I wonder if folks like you are probably the scammers!


Mr. Billbrosseau is not a member of Vacation Travel Club, nor did he pay VTC any money.

His complaint should be guided to the company he received the Travel Vouchers from. All details of participation should be listed on the certificate.

Let it be know that VTC does not produce these Travel Vouchers and Mr. Billbrosseau should read who produces the certificate and direct his complaint to the right company before putting these complaint blogs against VTC, the wrong company.


My husband and I attended the 90-minute presentation because we were offered a free vacation of 3-days and 2 nights plus free airfare. What we were NOT told is that these two freebies cannot be used on the same trip.

So you end up paying your airfare for the "free" hotel or your own hotel for the "free" flight.

Then would you believe after jumping through all their hoops(which no one explained to us) for three months, our trip request form was INVALIDATED because we didn't send copies of our ID (those instructions were buried in a paragraph of the letter and not stressed or highlighted at all)

Also in booking hotels and a rental car I found out I can get the exact same price or better through

Sure glad we forked over all those bucks -- hope the Hot Deals and Resort Week are worth it.


Stay far, far away. You are better off with AAA or Travelocity.


That is exactly what came to my location.. for grins I went..

knowing that anything too good to be true, is. And thankfully they got no money from us.. but I fear others will get swindled.

They should be forced to pay back people. awful

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