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I have a rental unit in Florida and received an e mail about it. After researching where it came from I found out that Vacation Travel Club was trying to rent my place.

They said it was for a client of theirs. What they are actually doing is renting from me, bumping up the price and scamming their clients into paying more for the unit. I only do business directly with clients and told them that. I got a nasty e mail back from them saying they do business this way a lot and they won't bother me again.

Beware of where you rent from !

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Michael Cantrell Attorney?..... Yea right, Michael Cantrell Scammed me for $4390 he told us he was an attorney and Travel Club expert.

Michael Cantrell is full of lies. He told us anything to get our money he even said he own's global.


Name: G. and A McMoran

VTCID: VTC-000-03-70--


We recently went to Branson on one of your Hot Deals and ended up in one of the most delightful condos we have ever stayed in, Stormy Point Village. It was a great deal. We have a lot of fun looking through the Hot Deals.Im not sure you have the option of looking for Hot Deals by the month, but that is an option I would like.


Yes, well as "Me" so kindly wrote to me and said, who gives a ... yes, I run a business.

However, I am not in the business of funding other businesses! Buy low and sell high - that's great but I am not going to do it for someone else - ***.

I do get the concept of doing business - apparently I am just way smarter than you about it. And, apparently this company is ripping people off as you can see by the comments and, as a business person, that is not okay by me.


Yes, we fell for the Branson Vacation Travel Club big time scam in 2007 and lost $6000. Plus they continue to charge their yearly fees of about $160.

And yes, if you ask them to stop the yearly fees if you don't use your membership that year, and you want to reinstate it later, their is another big fee. We just used our membership in Dec., 2009 for a round-trip airplane flight. There was absolutely no savings whatsoever. VTC uses Expedia for this purpose as told to me by a representative.

You do not get a break off what Expedia charges. When we bought this package in Branson, Mo., we were promised big time savings for airplane flights, motels, cruises, and other vacations. NONE OF THIS IS TRUE. They are big time scammers just like some of the previous timeshares sold in Branson.

The representative told us the purpose of this membership is it saves you time because they do all the legwork. What a farce! It took them 2-1/2 days to get my flight reservations set up. That's ridiculous.

I can go to Expedia and do it in a few minutes. Just think of the nice vacation we could have taken for the $6000 we threw away to the VTC.


Vacation Travel Club is a scam artist from the get-go....they made all kinds of promises, left us in a cloud for the 3-day "buyer's refund" time and refused to respond to fraudulent dealings.....they are totally out to get ROYAL!!!Does anyone know about any pending lawsuits out of Branson for VTC?? thanks


Who gives a *** - ???

Its America - I run a business....

I buy low and sell high..... WTF is the problem... ***

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