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My husband and I went to Branson, MO in March 2008 and sat through a 90-minute presentation by Vacation Travel Club (VTC). The discounted vacations at their resorts was too good to be true.

That should have been red flag #1. Other couples attending the presentation claimed to have been previous customers and raved about their experiences with VTC. Very deceiving indeed. We paid $6,000 to join.

In the two plus years we've been a member, we have tried to book travel with them and NEVER got a call back, except for two times. Those two return calls were for travel arrangements I was trying to coordinate for my military son. Not only did they take days in getting back to me, but their rates were at least $80 more than what I could get off Orbitz, which is one of the higher priced on-line ticketing sources. We have been ripped off of $6,000!!

What a scam. Do not get sucked into any presentation by anyone!!

Monetary Loss: $6.

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You all need to get real!!! Vacation Travel Club is the BEST investment we have ever made for our travel needs. The one time cost is so cheap, when compared to the amount of dollars saved!!! The $177.90 annual cost is pennies per day over the year.

We have stayed in gorgeous 2 bedroom condos in Hawaii for as little as $278.00 for one week!!!! Where else can you do that but at VTC!!!! Huh????

They find what you're looking for, everytime...CHEAP!!!! It only costs $25.00 for them to do all the research to find you the best deal, each time you request a condo, etc.

We have saved SOOOOOOOOO much money that we have been able to go to Hawaii twice a year!!!! ALL BECAUSE OF VTC!!!!

If you folks are so dissatisfied, just quietly go away...or give it as a gift to a family member, and let them start enjoying the many benefits of being a VTC member.

We love you, VTC!!!!


In my comment a few minutes ago, I failed to mention how I can be contacted. I can be reached at bill_reynolds@live.com



We received a past due notice of $177.90 on our travel club membership yesterday. At the fabulous presentation the only reason we bought was their guarantee of no yearly dues, however there would be a $69.00 service charge on the first booking in each year.

The exact comments were are you tired of paying yearly assessments to your time share, then join the travel club as there are no membership fees only a service charge of $69.00 on the first booking of teh year. We have not booked any in two years as the economy is so bad, who can afford to travel.

I see everbody is being ripped off.

The Better Business Bureau will be gettinga complaint on November 29, 2010.

The newly elected Attorney General will also be receiving a complaint after he is sworn in on January 2, 2011.


My husband and I visited a resort in old Branson in 2006. During our visit, we attended a sales meeting at the resort where Vacation Travel Club memberships were being sold. The price at first offering was several thousand dollars but they finally relented and we purchase the same membership for $800. We were told that we only had to pay a membership dues if/when we sued the new membership. Shortly thereafter, we tried to check to see how much we would save if we use the membership rights to book a cruise. We felt like we had been ripped off because there was no savings! We later checked the pricing of a condo rental when we were planning on returning to Branson. We found that we could find better pricing by using other online methods rather than using our VTC membership. We never used the membership..nor have we recieved any billings for dues from 2006 thru 11/10/10. Last week, we recieved a bill from Vacation Travel Club in Key Largo, Florida stating that we were $167.90 in back dues. I'm fairly aggravated at this moment. My husband has developed a very serious cancer that has metaiszed to his liver in is in very failing health. Now, I have to deal with this aggravating situation from VTC through no fault of my own!!

I did a bit of online research and found that a Branson Vacation Travel Club had been involved in a major lawsuit with the judge not ruling in their favor. I have no idea if this is the same VTC that I have a problem with.

If anyone reading this, knows how to help me specifically, please let me know. My identification is


Your assistance will be appreciated.

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There is not a single travel club in Branson that is not a scam, I know I was assistant sales manager at one. email me for details notimeshare@gmail.com


It was Vacation Travel Club or VTC! To be safe, don't buy on site but think about it for a few days. It could cost you $6,000 too!


I am scheduled to attend a 90 minute presentation about a travel club in branson. If you dont mind...could you please tell me the name of the one you went to.

Was it a Resort??

I will be there on November 25th and I dont want to get scammed too! I am sorry that you did!

thank you for any info!


The company you are referring to is run by two convicted felons by the name of Melissa Samei and Mathew Samei. They now operate the same scam called Blue Vida Travel in Dallas, Tx.

They are still stealing peoples money and will continue until stopped. I was a victim too.

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