We purchased a travel club membership (with International Travel Solutions) through Vacation Services of America. We sat through a presentation at which they told us that, with this membership, they could offer great discounts on travel accommodations anywhere we wanted to go. We were suckered in, paid the fee and signed a contract. We had three days to cancel the contract. However, our membership was not registered on the ITS website until after about a week. Once we looked on the website, we found that the prices they offered were not any better than what we could find on our own through Expedia, Travelocity, etc. or even the hotel/condo's own website. In a lot of instances we actually found better prices. They do offer a price match guarantee, but if we always find lower prices, and if we constantly have to check, then we have paid them for absolutely nothing. They have the program structured so that you can't discover that their services are bogus until after the three day cancellation period. We believe that they misrepresented their services and they're running a scam.

We contacted VSA directly, but they wouldn't refund the fee because it's after the three day cancellation period. The representatives with ITS kept giving us conflicting information. The first time we spoke with them and told them that we found lower prices elsewhere, they told us that the prices on the website were not the lowest prices available, that we needed to call them to get the actual prices. When we called again, we were told that the prices on the website were the actual prices. We then tried to get some information to book a cruise, just so we could compare prices that they gave us over the phone. We never got anyone to help us.

We filed a dispute with our credit card company. They were absolutely wonderful in helping us. Right away they temporarily removed the charge so we wouldn't have to pay anything or incur any finance charges. They e-mailed me and called me several times to verify all the information. After about 6 weeks, they resolved the dispute and permanently reversed the charge! Hallelujah!!! We are so grateful to Chase for getting us out of this mess. I encourage anyone out there that got scammed by Vacation Services of America to go through their credit card company and get their money back from these crooks.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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The company engages in a SCAM designed to bilk consumers of their hard earned money.

The scam is operated by two sister companies, one in MO and the other in FL.

One of these companies sells a high-cost "travel discount service" while the other

fulfills with a low-value "concierge service."

The difference between what is sold and what is delivered is quite

intentional with the consumer paying $1,000-$10,000 (plus an annual membership) for a service valued at no more than $100. A common thread is that consumers find out they can purchase trips on the internet with little or no difference in cost or savings. The company operates as follows; A "sister company" (owned and operated by the same principals) sends anonymous and misleading mailers that promise free airline tickets plus a stay in a major hotel. There is usually a monetary value assigned to this trip eg 1298.88 etc.

These mailers originate from and are postmarked Tampa Florida with no return address. The mailers also contain the names of a hotel chain such and some bogus (near airline names) The company waits for people to claim the trip. They then identify themselves with another bogus name "May dreams come true" etc. These names rotate.

The consumers are then baited to a hotel presentation (usually aligning with the hotel named listed in the sales presentation, lasting about 90 minutes. The sales pitch travels to avoid law enforcement by booking hotel conference rooms in middle class counties in a variety of states and then rotating around . The consumers are then slammed with a sales pitch and then they are isolated to discuss price. The price happens to be whatever the consumer is foolish enough to accept.

It could be $10,000 or $6000 or even $1000 plus an annual fee of about $186 or so. The consumer signs a contract (not with Vacation Services of America) but instead with the fulfillment company! The fulfillment company is not located in MO it is again in Florida. This closely held group of companies also rotates owners as a former group (some of which are related) served prison time for Tax Evasion.

The fraud is designed to work around some weaknesses in the Uniform Commercial Code including the right for a consumer to have a three day cancellation. The paper work is shuffled around to make cancellation next to impossible. Also the consumer may not realize they have been bilked until they try to use the service at some later point. The consumer is then shuffled around between the various shell companies.

Although the BBB rates this company a D+ there are other related companies ranked much higher! even A in one instance. The use of multiple corporations, in multiple states, and with sales located in transient locations, the use of blank mailers, multiple corporate names ad aliases, near major brand names eg US Airway, and the fact that a service of some kind (even one worth $100 or so) is delivered fake-out and frustrate law enforcement. I contacted four DA's in states and at the federal level and several AG', two police departments in various counties and nobody can get organized to prevent this fraud and shut it down.

FRAUD IT IS plain and simple!

Avoid it at all costs.

Holbrook, New York, United States #826218

Sea to ski vacation is a BIG scam. We got suckered in to sign up.

Their prices are not any lower than the published rates in cruise lines, etc.

they were supposed to send us our rebate check for the trip. They have not done this despite always 8 months of follow up.

El Dorado, Arkansas, United States #717345

I'm in the process of getting a refund with my credit card company now 9/2013. Can someone that went through their credit card company to dispute their charge tell me what all you had to send in to show them you were scammed?

I have printed several peoples complaints to send to my cc company and have made copies of my phone bill to show them how many times I have called and texted the sales guy that sold me the so called discounted vacation package to let them know how many times I've called and texted to get my money back. Will someone that has got a refund going through their cc company PLEASE email me the info you had to send in to get the refund? My cc company did tell me of several things I needed but I'm so scared it's not enough.

My email is lovetoread72@yahoo.com PLEASE HELP! VACATION SERVICES OF AMERICA IS A SCAM!

Orlando, Florida, United States #627930

They also go by International Travel Centers !!! SCAM!!!

One of the reps name is Adrien Gray 386-801-0888. IF that's really his name!

Orlando, Florida, United States #627606



On August 13th this year, 2012 I attended a presentation at Vacation Services of America in Branson Missouri and was sold a bill of goods about international travel solutions which, if I became a member of would provide me with luxuriuos vacations and cruises at the lowest prices available. The costs to join was $5,000. When I returned home and did some

research, I found out that the prices that I could get directly from the cruise lines

and resorts was actually cheaper in most cases that what my so-called travel club could provide. I have contacted my credit card company and have issued a fraud complaint

against Vacation Services of America. It is my understanding that a class action law suit has been files in Missouri against then and the plaintiffs won. I am convinced that this company misrepresented their services and are running a scam. If you have been victimized like I was, contact your credit card company and dispute the charges.


I think everybody should check out the Scam Detector app. I believe they're online as well.

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