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We got a complimentary stay at a local hotel in Branson for us sitting through a "90" minute presentation. Over 2 hrs later, with our 2 yr old daughter in their "daycare" room, we were conned into buying into their Travel club. Fortually they brought the price down from $11000 to $1000. I figured from their speal that I'd make that back in one or two vacations of ---greatly discounted--- price.

Well, *** me, i didn't bother to check this out before the sales pitch. Now, with all the info I've read about it online, i know it's a bad deal, and I honestly can't believe it's still in business.

I tried to go to their website last night to log on and see what vacation deals i could get. It was the first time I'd tried to log on, and it wouldn't work. Hum, curious, isn't it? i sent them an email last night for assistance, and haven't heard a thing from them. Today, at 12:45 Central time, I called them for assistance. I got the automated machine, pushed 1, and got a busy signal, called back, did it again, busy signal. then called back pushed 2, busy. Called back pushed 9 (to leave a message) I actually was able to leave a message. We'll see if i get a response.

Sorry about the spelling/gramatical errors. I'm totally legit.

Please avoid these people. By the way, if anyone is getting a court case against this company, I'm interested.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Leesburg, Florida, United States #681703

I completely disagree with the above comment. My experience with my summit, was delightful, although I couldn't buy that day.

They made sure I was completely informed on what I would use based on my feed back. I strongly recommend using this company if you intend to travel. Their sales executives are polite and professional. I did recommend them to my daughter and she purchased and is using the service as I speak.

The 2 meetings my daughter and I attended was enjoyable. I can even use her Id code and received 70% off my air,Car and travel. If I was my daughter was not a member. I would have paid over $3,000.00 instead I paid $899.00 for my wife and I.

They even threw in an extra trip. Because I referred them and they remembered me. I feel everyone has a right to their own opinion but not their own facts. Thanks to them I can start crossing off my bucket list dream trips..

Thanks Emerald coast and my summit. Try to request the Village location in Florida. I dealt with the director I think his name was Lenny.

He was very acomidating. So was hie sales team!!

Layton, Utah, United States #635641

I got the same ripp-off. I am working with MO Attorney General Office to shutt-off this scam.

I would appreciate if you e-mail to a case worker. Her name is Kathleen Kelly address:

to TSA. #717354

We were ripped off too. We are going through our cc company right now 9/2013 to try and get a refund.

Someone else on another web site said they got a full refund with the help of their cc company. My email is If you could tell me more about what the lawyer will need if I decide to sue also.

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