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On Nov. 24, 2009 we attended the Vacation Travel Club meeting in Branson, Mo. They had prices of hotels, condos, and cruises posted on dry erase marker boards on the walls. They presented the travel program to us that if we were to pay the membership fee of $5,389 that we would save LOTS of money on all our vacations. We had just returned from a Carnival Western Caribbean Cruise and so we knew that the price posted for the same exact length of stay and ports was alot cheaper than what we had paid. They displayed several different condo prices, cruises, and hotels through out various cities and countries at very low prices. Now,we see the prices were all sales gimmicks that is why they misrepresented their self at the sales meeting by not giving these figures on paper. The company treated us to a Branson vacation stay in a nice hotel, paid for a steak house meal and were super nice. But, they just posted a bunch of false prices and told us about all the money we would save by joining their club rather than purchasing a timeshare program. We were very mislead! The three day cancellation right is also a misrepresentation because you have to wait to get the certificate and VTC card with your membership number in the mail before you can check their prices. It took a month to receive the VTC quote card. You will notice the VTC number is nowhere on my signed paperwork. The salespeople really made us think the vacation prices were legitimate and cheap because the first price they quoted was $9,995 then he gave his little sales pitch and came down to the $5,389.

I needed a hotel in Tupelo, Ms. and tried to use the club and was only able to get a quote for one motel in Tupelo Ms. and it was for $95.99 a night at the Comfort Suite. The only other one was 24 MILES away at the Comfort Inn in New Albany Ms. I looked on the internet myself at the Comfort Suite site and could book the same room for the same price. That got me very suspicious of this vacation savings club. I booked a room at the Jameson Inn for $74.99 and attended my function.

I got a quote on an airline ticket price for Las Vegas for a convention that we were going to attend. The price from the vacation club was $365 the price on the Delta site was $362.30. (flight 5851, 57250, ) for Feb. 28 thru March 3rd

June 5,2010 is our 34th anniversary and we want to go on an Alaskan Cruise. So, after several phone calls and emails I finally got quotes for this trip. I first got a quote with a train ride included from the club and one from Alaska Tour and Travel. I just googled the words "Alaska Cruise" and that is how I found Alaska Tour and Travel. My husband decided he did not want a train ride. So, I priced just the cruise and airfare and it was the EXACT same price from both places, $3785.80. In other words, I am paying $5,389 plus the yearly fee for NOTHING!!! Anyone can google and get the cruises for the same price!!! Their company is trying to rip us off. I called the main office in Branson and the supervisor, Dee, told me that she would not credit my account for "BUYER'S REMORSE"(Webster- remorse- a torturing sense of guilt for one's actions)- I have that and also have proved that this company is a rip off of our money. I have not used their service! I did not book the hotel, flight to Las Vegas or the cruise through them so please charge back this company $5,000 (less the document fee of $389) on the charge card and I will mail them back their book and VTC card. Thank you for your time in this matter.

(My Visa card company did not refund me. I am out this money still. If anyone else knows how to get a refund please let me know. Thanks Tamra

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #1208555

My wife and I just attended a travel club presentation at Westgate Branson. Because I had worked in the industry some years ago, I was able to enjoy the BS and take advantage of the free shows and two night stay.

But be aware you can deals on the internet just as easy and for the same price. Don't fall for this scam.

Boca Raton, Florida, United States #1166869

Your experience sounds so much like ours. It is so unlike us to fall for something like this, but we did.

We paid $3595. and were promised the moon. At the time, we were nearing the end of a one-month road trip, so is fatigue our excuse? As soon as we got home, I got out the invoice for a 7-day Celebrity Cruise on Jan.

22, 2017 in a Class 1B cabin that we are already booked on. It was the same price (within $20) as we are paying, WITHOUT the $450 onboard credits, and free drink package that we already have. BIG difference! I then checked the price of the Springhill Suites where we had stayed in Savannah, and the same room was $2 more.

We immediately notified them by phone and e-mail that we were canceling (2 days after we signed up), and followed up with a Certified Letter on the 3rd.

The woman my husband spoke to on the phone told him the refund would arrive in 10-14 days, so I am biding my time. If we don't get the refund, I will definitely publish their name to spare others, but until then, don't think it's fair.


Same here- all travel quotes are same as we can get online direct- the travel club says the bonus fee usually $100-200 is the discount- not worth $6000


In the same boot as you. Rip off city.

I just got a bill from them telling me that I owe them for back fees and that I am liable for them.

Not getting any more money from me. No way...

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