We just went to a 90 minute presentation last evening. It all sounded great, amazing, unbelievable.

We did not sign up, although we were very enticed. It is $6895 for the membership. $299 processing fee and $249 a month there after. Anyone ever heard of this company?

Based out of MO. There really was not a high pressure sales pitch. We said we needed to think about it and the man was okay with that. It was not an offer that was only good that day, but would be the same price in 30 days or 6 months.

I am including a photo of the business card we were given. Dave and Donna

Reason of review: Not high pressure.

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Well, we bought into this in October of 2017 and paid extra monies to get out of another program to date they have done nothing and do not return phone calls or answer any calls.Trying to decide what to do next.


We have just been invited to a 90 minute session, but it sounds like this is a scam, which I am ok with as I only want to find out how this all works. Here is my question, if you do not sign up did they still give the gift or is that a scam also?


i am at one of their resorts. They tried to sell me their services.Just too good to be true.

they asked me $17,000 for 30 weeks vacation. i only take 1 vacation a year. it would take me 30 years to use it on this base. Then they dropped it to 10 weeks, which would be 10 years.

using 1 vacation a year. Price was a little above $7.000.Some negatives about it: no one knows about tomorrow.

Will i be alive? Will this company be in business?No one knows what can happen.


Your statement contained the term "unbelievable" .

I think I'd stick with that if I were you.

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