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I recently booked a cruise with RCI travel and at the time of booking the agent informed me that I had to take the travel insurance as part of the cruise which I had to pay extra for. Come to find out that is inaccurate and illegal. We have a recording of the phone conversation and as the legal documents are being drawn it occurred to me that if they get it to me they've done it to others. If you have booked a cruise or talk to RCI travel... Read more

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On Nov. 24, 2009 we attended the Vacation Travel Club meeting in Branson, Mo. They had prices of hotels, condos, and cruises posted on dry erase marker boards on the walls. They presented the travel program to us that if we were to pay the membership fee of $5,389 that we would save LOTS of money on all our vacations. We had just returned from a Carnival Western Caribbean Cruise and so we knew that the price posted for the same exact length of... Read more

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we purchased our vacation membership many years ago, we pay our dues every year. When we attempt to use it, the price is always much higher then the other vacation sites. This year, they advertise to use funjet vacations, we checked all dates thru december 2016, nothing available. I went to expedia, travelocity etc, lots of dates available. I dont understand how the other sites always have the dates I want but the travel site doesnt. This club... Read more

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I purchased a Vacation Club VIP Membership #018934 for $2,000 + in Dec 2005 and never was able to get anyone to help me or even talk to me when I attemped to use it. At the time I paid them a little over $2,000 for the membership and they gave me a really nice black satchel t carry all the very profession papers and brochres. That was the last I ever seen of them. My paperwork states their address is 6000 S. Eastern Ave, #14-H Las Vegas NV... Read more

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We attended, made a purchase, attempted to take vacations....failure!! We have not ever taken a vacation with these scammers. The only time we hear from them is when our annual "dues" are due. We are out about $8,000.00. I tried to look up our account with them to see when we had made our last annual payment, but find that there is no place to look up my account! What the heck?? There is no place to look for payments made, payments due,... Read more

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We bought our package for 5993.94 I called for the first time and I found a much better deal then they could and so I called the women I was working with out about it and she said she would look more into it to see if she could get a better deal. When I call I don't get a call back for a few days. Oh and the free cruise and air fare don't consider together. They are a separate deal. Read the fine print. I am so pissed. We are out a lot of money.... Read more

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While on vacation in punta cana, dominican republic . Me and my husband were walking the beach when we meet a guy name pedro who invited us to visit A new resort (royalton). The place was beautiful and he invited us to get information In case we wanted to visited the property on our future vacation.  After signing to receive this information tour which they said Would take 90 minutes. They introduced us to Tommy the person who would show us... Read more

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I paid 6 thousands plus for my package with vocation. I get better deals on my own, so why they took my money Read more

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I purchased a travel membership with Suncoast-vacations in 2007. My husband & I always have issues trying to schedule vacations with this company. We've only used it one time to Hawaii & it was great. Now we want to vacation again but they're no where to be found? Florida had a lawsuit and they moved on then called Travel Services USA, since 2011 we have had no info or website to use our membership that we pay each year dues as... Read more

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Receive a post card with no company affiliation on it and the 855-878-9444 only would say they are The Claims Center and had very little info about the appointment for presentation so I did a little research based on the info I did get. Has anybody heard of PTC known as Professional Travel C???? that seems to also be known as Savers Unlimited outside of Houston at 14405 Walters Rd Houston, TX 77014‎ with a number of 832-484-1300 or... Read more

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